A heart shaped sticker listing all the keyworkers that are making a difference during the Covid-19 crisis, with a red 'THANK YOU' in the middle and made with the same material that the old car tax stickers used to be made out of - called 'Static Cling' - so that they are easy to apply, adjust and remove without leaving any glue.


White lettering on a clear background.


Photo shown is a bespoke 700mm width size.


Comes in 3 sizes:


Extra Small = 200mm x 165mm

Small = 250mm x 205mm

Medium = 400mm x 326mm

Large = 500mm x 408mm

Bespoke sizes also available


Made out of removable easy peal plastic, you can apply it on any window.


Printed in reverse for you to apply  on the inside.


Use on the window of your home, office, shop, car or van to show your support for those working hard at this time.

'We're Open' Window Graphic