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Freebird Murals
Keith at work
Freebird Murals
Freebird Murals
Freebird Murals
Freebird Murals
How it Works

Every Mural that we supply, supply and fit or Keith signwrites is bespoke to what the customer wants.

That way we can ensure that you have something truly unique and that everyone will be talking about!


There are 7 Simple Steps to having your own vinyl or hand painted mural in your home.

Step 1 - Get in Touch

Either call us on 01295 275040, e-mail or complete the 'Request a Quote' form on the right.


When you contact us to start the creation process, we'll take as much information as we can over the phone e.g. colours, themes, if you have an image you want to use etc.

Step 2 - Keith's Visit

Usually within 3 - 4 working days

We will arrange for Keith  to come to your home to talk about what you want and where, measure the wall or appliance, photograph it, see if any preparation needs to be done before he can paint it, how many hours a day he can get access etc

Keith will bring with him some visual ideas of what you could have based on what you've told us on the phone. 

Together you'll get clearer about how the mural could look.

Step 3 - Quote and 1st Visual

Usually within 3 - 4 working days

Back at the Freebird Mural office, Keith will put together a quote for you based on the the size of what you want, whether or not he needs to do any preparation of the wall before he can start painting, and how long it will take for him to do.

Keith will also put together a first visual of what the mural could look like by taking the details that you discussed when he was in your home and superimposing them onto a photograph of whatever it is going onto. That way you can literally see how it will look.

Step 4 - Confirm the Order

To confirm you'd like to go ahead and have the mural, and make any changes to the 1st visual that Keith did for you with your quote, you will need to either make a 50% payment or you can SAVE 20% by paying the full amount on order.

You will be able to confirm the order with a debit or credit card via Paypal.

Step 5 - Finalising your Design

Usually within 3 - 4 working days

Once you've confirmed the order you can make changes to the first visual that Keith sent with the quote up to 4 times to get the mural looking just how you want it to look.

Step 6 -

If we are just supplying you with a mural for you to fit

Usually within 10  working days

We will pop your mural in the post to you with instructions about how to fit it.

If Keith is fitting it for you - we book a fitting date

Usually within 10  working days

When the design is how you want the mural to look is finalised, Keith will order in the materials he needs and we'll book in a date for the work to begin. This is usually within 10 - 14 days.

Step 7 - Keith comes to do your mural!

Usually within 10  working days

On the first day we've booked in for Keith to start Keith will turn up and signwrite or fit your mural. 

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