How long does a mural take to paint or fit?

It depends on what type you're having and how big it is.

It could take anywhere between 2 hours and 2 weeks.

How quickly can I have my mural?

If we are just supplying a Kitchen Appliance Mural or a Wallpaper Mural for you to fit yourself, we'll post it to you within 10 - 14 days of you confirming your order.

If we are supply and fitting a Kitchen Appliance Mural or a Wallpaper Mural for you then Keith will come to fit it within 14 - 21 days of you confirming your order.

If you are ordering a Hand Painted Mural then Keith will come to start painting within 14 days of you confirming your order.

What kind of paint do you use?


If it's onto brickwork Keith uses masonry paint.

If it's onto a shutter then Keith uses One Shot enamel paint.

If it's an interior / children's bedroom  Keith uses Farrow and Ball to make sure it's safe to use.

How should the wall be prepared?


Keith will assess the wall when he comes to see you and talk about the mural in more detail.

In extreme cases it may be that a wall needs to be re plastered to have a mural put on it.

If the wall is in poor condition, Keith will subcontract to a commercial painter to fix the cracks, fill holes, and to apply a primer and deep base coat colour. The cost of this will be detailed in your quote after Keith has been to see you.

For new construction Keith needs a smooth finish. A primer and base coat should be painted on the wall before Keith starts.

If it is an existing wall and the wall is in good condition - i.e. no cracks or holes, no special preparation is required.

I am not sure what kind of mural I want.

Can you help me figure that out?


Keith has a portfolio of murals that he's done that he'll bring when he comes to visit you.

If you have a photo image you'd like to use - e.g. one of your family, a pet, a holiday etc, Keith will let you know whether it's high enough quality to be used. We don't want it to be pixellated (blurred) when it gets scaled up to fit your wall or kitchen appliance.

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