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About Keith


Keith Baker is the signwriter behind Freebird Murals.

He trained as a traditional signwriter back in 1981 having had a Saturday job while at school helping a signwriter in London. He did lots of different jobs, including the gold leaf under the Hammersmith Bridge.

As a result of his Saturday job he decided he wanted to train as a signwriter so he went to college to learn.

The day he qualified his teacher said 'congratulations - by the way your job is being taken over by computers'.

His teacher was right.

However, Keith kept his traditional signwriting skills alive by continuing to do traditional signwriting jobs as well as the new 'computer' signs.

Then, in 2006 he decided he wanted to do more of the signwriting in the modern world, and Freebird Murals was born.

Freebird Murals is named after a song by Keith's favourite American Rock Band - Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also sang 'Sweet Home Alabama' (although that's a bit too long for a business name!).

Keith still enjoys doing his signwriting - especially when it's inside, in the warm! - and has found that more and more people appreciate the traditional skill that he learnt 38 years ago.

Keith has a valid DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) that you are welcome to see if required.

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